Wednesday, November 25, 2015


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Descriptions of On-Going Sunday Morning Class Groups

The following is designed to give you some idea of the nature of each of our on-going Sunday Morning class groups.



Lectionary Class    Room 234

An ongoing study of the scripture passages found in the Lectionary Readings for that Sunday.  It is an excellent way to explore the scripture in relationship to the focus of the sermons each Sunday. The members of the class share the leadership on a voluntary basis. Folks are welcome to attend regularly or just occasionally.  Visit the Lectionary Class page for more details.


Cornerstone Class    Room 237

This class specializes in substantive presentations on a broad range of theological and social justice topics, drawing on authoritative materials and often inviting presenters with special expertise in the area of interest. Some attend this class regularly and others attend when the topic is of particular interest to them.   Please visit the Cornerstone page for upcoming offerings.
Class Coordinator: Bill Beauchamp


Jesus Java and Journey (J3)       Room 250

Jesus, Java and Journey class shares coffee, fellowship and learning about our faith journey.   We have a strong belief in service projects to our community and also enjoy many social functions during the year.  We study contemporary Christian authors and use the lesson/video style of teaching based on biblical truths.  Our series include works by a variety of authors, as determined by the class.  It is an open discussion class that invites many different viewpoints. Visit the Jesus, Java and Journey page for class offerings and more details.
Class Coordinator: Connie Marshall 


Spiritual Journey Class    Room 240

This class is focused on our personal spiritual journey and relationship with God and emphasizes understanding this common pursuit across all religious traditions.  Members of the class, other Northaven members, and occasional visiting teachers guide the discussion, drawing on diverse writings that offer rich insights, personal testimony, and helpful guidance for spiritual development.  Opportunity is provided to discuss personal spiritual journeys and to participate in group prayer/meditation.  Please visit the Spiritual Journey class page for more information. 
Class Coordinator: Gail Bialas