Friday, April 24, 2015


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Spiritual Journey Class Offerings

Meeting in Room 240 at 9:30 a.m.

This class is focused on our personal spiritual journey and relationships with God and emphasizes understanding this common pursuit across all religious traditions.  Members of the class, other Northaven members, and occasional visiting teachers guide the discussion, drawing on diverse writings that offer rich insights, personal testimony, and helpful guidance for spiritual development.  Opportunity is provided to discuss personal spiritual journeys and to participate in group prayer/meditation. The group has occasional social gatherings outside the church and also works on mission projects from time to time. 

Class Coordinator:  Gail Bialas 

Feb 1 - 22   Forgiveness

Mahlon Hight, our new Minister of Congregational Life, will lead the Spiritual Journey class during February with discussions on prayer and other spiritual practices, based on her own spiritual journey. She is a graduate of Perkins School of Theology and certification in Spiritual Direction from Perkins.
Presenter: Mahlon Hight


Mar 1 - Apr 5   Journeying Through Lent to Easter

What does it take to get from dark to light, to get from where you are to where God created you to be, to get from death to new life? Join us as we explore the movements of a relationship with God within the themes of Lent, Holy Week and Easter Morning. Bring your own questions, hopes and sharings.
Presenter: Ben Marshall  


Apr 12 - 19   Heloise and Hildegard: Two Extraordinary Women of the Medieval Church

This study will explore the contributions of Heloise and Hildegard, two influential religious figures of the 12th century in Europe. We will consider Heloise as a religious and philosophical figure and the improbably heroic quality of Hildegard’s 12th century monasticism and the even more improbable status of this woman prophet.
Presenter: Dr. Bonnie Wheeler, Professor of English and Founding Director of the Medieval studies Program at SMU.


Apr 26   Christian Fathers and Mothers

Christian men and women went to live in the hazardous desert environment of the Middle East, starting in the third century and continuing for another 350 years. Those who stayed and cultivated wisdom from life on the edge became known as the desert fathers and mothers, or abbas and ammas. In this one-session study participants will learn about the abbas and ammas and read some of their famous sayings.