Friday, January 30, 2015


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Spiritual Journey Class Offerings

Meeting in Room 240 at 9:30 a.m.

This class is focused on our personal spiritual journey and relationships with God and emphasizes understanding this common pursuit across all religious traditions.  Members of the class, other Northaven members, and occasional visiting teachers guide the discussion, drawing on diverse writings that offer rich insights, personal testimony, and helpful guidance for spiritual development.  Opportunity is provided to discuss personal spiritual journeys and to participate in group prayer/meditation. The group has occasional social gatherings outside the church and also works on mission projects from time to time.

Class Coordinator:  Gail Bialas

February – A Methodist Spirituality?

This series will be an exploration of the key elements in our Methodist tradition that guide us in our relationship with God and in our living. We will ask: What does our tradition say about God and how God works in our lives. Is there anything special about Methodist prayer? What does the tradition say about how we are to live out our lives? Come ready to question, express your opinion and have a good time together. 

Presenter: Ben Marshall 

March 2 – Surrendering to God

“Let go and let God" can be superficial babble or the most essential decision in our relationship with God. Surrendering to God, the third step in the 12 Step Program, is the key to the quote, "letting God be God in us" (Eckhart).  Surrendering is letting go of our conditioning in the false self system and becoming aware of our true self. 

Surrendering brings us into the present moment. The test of surrender is a peaceful, quiet mind that can listen to the inner voice.

Sources include Meister Eckhart's Talks on Instruction, Piero Ferrucci's Inevitable Grace and the surrendering story of Asa G. Candler, Jr.

Presenter: Rev. Richard Schaefer

March 9 – April 20 – Give Up Something Bad for Lent led by various Spiritual Journey class members

During Lent each year, Christians give up something as an act of sacrifice and spiritual discipline.  Often it is something like chocolate, knowing that after Easter Sunday they can once again enjoy what they have given up.  In this book, Give Up Something Bad for Lent by James Moore, the author challenges us to take it further – to give up something spiritually that we would be better off not doing.  He invites all to seek God’s help to focus on eliminating one habit or attitude that is destructive.  Imagine giving up envy, jealousy, self-pity, apathy, procrastination, gossip, resentment or negative thinking!  The forty days of Lent are idea to help us prepare to give up something bad, while preparing to fully embrace the “Good News” of Easter.

April 27 - May 11 — Being a Healing Community for Those Whom Religion Has Hurt

  In these three sessions, we will talk about some of the ways religion can hurt people and will explore how we, as a church, can help heal those wounds.  This class will take as a starting point some of the observations made by Charles Kimball in When Religion Becomes Evil and apply those observations to our everyday, individual interactions.  We will then consider how we can respond faithfully to the "refugees" of religious abuse and callousness to be a community of love and healing.