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Because we believe that God's love in Jesus Christ has broken down the walls that divide us, we seek to embody that love in our congregation and welcome people of all races, sexual orientations and economic circumstances.

A vibrant congregation of more than 600 members—with many more calling the church their home—Northaven is known for inspiring worship and music, interest in the arts, outreach to the community and sensitivity to inclusiveness. All are welcome.


Advent & Christmas 2015


I Believe, Even When...

Advent 2015 Worship Series

The story of the birth of Jesus is filled with common themes of human drama: unknowing, doubt, disgrace, fear, oppression, journey, hardship. The words of an anonymous poet begin, “I believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining…” In this we hear the affirmation of belief in spite of what seems like the absence of light, of love and sometimes, even what feels like the absence of God. By exploring the first chapter of each of the Gospels in this Advent / Christmas series we will acknowledge the presence of hope through Christ "even when…”


November 29   11:00 AM

I Believe in the Sun (1st Sunday of Advent)

“You will bear a son…” (Luke 1)

The “dark night of the soul” is a phrase often used to describe moments in our lives when light, understanding and hope seem to elude us. A young woman barely out of childhood receives the message that she would bear a son out of wedlock — something that could have doomed her circumstances for her entire life. When things that seem irreparable happen in our lives, how can we turn perceived doom into a belief in an opportunity for rebirth?

December 6  11:00 AM

I Believe in Love (2nd Sunday of Advent)

“Don’t be afraid to take Mary as your wife…” (Matthew 1) 

“Love is never having to say ‘I’m sorry.’” Yeah, right. Relationships seem wrought with wrestling— wrestling with our own expectations, the expectations of the other and all of it wrapped in the fear of rejection. Not all of us have an angel show up to tell us what to do like Joseph did as he faced the disappointment of a betrothal gone awry. But perhaps we can heed the angel’s words for letting go into God’s possibilities for all of our relationships.

December 13  11:00 AM

I Believe in God (3rd Sunday of Advent)

“Look, I am sending my messenger before you… he will prepare your way…” (Mark 1)

A seeming madman named John is prophesying in the wilderness. He speaks of one who will come after him, puzzling the people. “Who are you,” ask the people. “Are you the one who will deliver us from our fear and hardship and oppression?” Often we are left wondering these same questions. At times in our lives when we feel unsure of our next steps, when fear grips us in the face of uncertainty, when we look around and wonder when God will address injustice… when God will show up and save us… we yearn for the messenger, for the way to be made plain before us.

December 20  11:00 AM

I Believe Even When (4th Sunday of Advent)

“What came into being through the Word was life, and the life was the light for all people…” (John 1)

In this last week of Advent, our anticipation, our yearning, for the light is palpable. What is this growing within us? As our theme song has proclaimed, even when the sun is hidden from sight, even when love feels remote, even when we’re not sure of God’s presence… we sense that the light is coming, love is near and the holy is born yet again in the midst of the pain of life. There is hope. There is light.


December 24

5:00 PM and
11:00 PM

Christmas Eve Worship

"Unto you a child is born and he will be called Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6)

The night of mystery and awe has arrived. And Jesus is born into a world fully human and finite in its pain and beauty. And God breaks in upon our lives yet again in and through our belief of that which transcends our human limitations. We believe. We believe.

The 5 o'clock family service features carols and candles. The contemplative reflective 11 o'clock service features communion and candles.

2015 Stewardship Campaign - At the Intersection of Faith and Justice

2015 Stewardship Campaign

Download a Pledge Card

Our fall pledge campaign continues as we ask members and others to share with our church community the gifts and assets they have been given through the grace of God.

It is our hope that every member will make a pledge commitment to our church, no matter how large or small, be it financial or in volunteer service, in support of us taking the next steps toward becoming that church God is calling us to be. At the end of our service this Sunday members will have the opportunity to bring their pledge commitment cards forward in support of our programs and ministries for the next year. You’ll find a copy of the pledge card at the link above.

Our giving does make a difference. It is through our giving that God helps us change lives, and in changing them, transforms us and our church.

Eric Folkerth

Senior Pastor

Today at Northaven

This I Know
This I Know


This six-lesson study, for individuals and small groups, is a companion to For the Bible Tells Me So, the award-winning documentary on homosexuality and the church. Published by Northaven, This I Know can be purchased at www.thisiknowstudy.org.