Saturday, November 28, 2015


  Membership    Becoming a Member


You are invited to join Northaven at the close of any Sunday worship service.  Our senior pastor, Eric Folkerth, will invite anyone wishing to join to come down to the front during our last hymn.  Members of our congregation will stand with you and Eric will lead you and our congregation through our reception of new members.  You will be asked to pledge to uphold Northaven through your prayers, presence, gifts and service.  While you can join any Sunday, we do have two or three 'group' joining days during the year (our 'Great Days of Joining').   You may contact Eric Folkerth, Senior Pastor, or the Membership Committee for more information on joining. 

What else is required besides the membership vows?

It is never required that a member of another Christian church be rebaptized or attend a confirmation class in order to join Northaven.  We do encourage all new members to attend our 2-session Northaven 101 class either before or after joining.  It is a small and informal class that provides an opportunity to learn about Northaven, Methodism, the Bible and talk about what it means to be a Christian. 

What if I am not baptized?

We are honored to help adults receive baptism, which is a requirement for church membership. We do schedule adult baptisms and ask those seeking baptism to meet first with our senior pastor Eric Folkerth about its meaning and nature. Once baptized, a person may join Northaven by profession of faith.

What if I am a member of another United Methodist Church?

It is not necessary for you to contact your former church ahead of time. Our church office will do that for you after you join.

What if I am a member of another Christian denomination?

It is not necessary to be rebaptized in order to be received as a member from another denomination, but you will be asked to affirm the vows of church membership as printed in the back of our hymnal.




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