Sunday, November 29, 2015


  Membership    Stewardship Campaign


Our Stewardship Campaign Continues

Pledge Sunday was Sunday, October 26

Campaign to Continue Through November


The day we ask members and others to share with our church community the gifts and assets they have been given through the grace of God.


 It is our hope that every member will make a pledge commitment to our church, no matter how large or small, be it financial or in volunteer service, in support of us taking the next steps toward becoming that church God is calling us to be.


At the close of worship on Pledge Sunday close to 100 members came forward to make pledges of support for our 2015 budget and programs. Forty-one also made donations to our Second Mile of Giving Fund - the Human Development Fund.


If you have not made a pledge yet, we hope you will consider doing so in the weeks again.  Here is a link to the pledge card. They are also available in the church atrium when you attend Sunday School or worship in the sanctuary this Sunday. 


Your giving does make a difference. It is through our giving that God helps us change lives, and in changing them, transforms us and our church.


Eric Folkerth
Senior Pastor




2014 Pledge Card