Thursday, November 26, 2015



Services are held at 11:00 a.m. each Sunday. We hope that each morning's worship is both inspiring and challenging for you. Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month. All are welcome to participate, including children, regardless of denominational affiliation.

We believe deeply in the power and movement of the Holy Spirit, and so, we invite you to feel free to participate in the service, especially at the time of the "Prayers of the People."

Sermons, prayers and songs often are tailored to fit a theme for the day. Because of Northaven's progressive theological stance, many important social issues of the day find their way into sermons and prayers. We expect to be challenged in our faith, and leave to serve the world.

We celebrate Holy Communion (one of two sacraments in the United Methodist Church) on the first Sunday of every month. We believe that the communion table is God's, not ours, and therefore anyone wishing to partake in the sacrament is certainly welcome, with no exceptions.

Our youngest visitors are welcome at worship, and each Sunday we have a special "Children's Time" just for the kids. But, should children become more of a burden than a joy, we also provide a professionally staffed nursery. There are books and soft toys for children to use during the worship service, available on the table in the upper Gallery of the sanctuary, just inside the door near the library. For your convenience, the service is broadcast from speakers in the atrium and hallways. Our ushers can provide assisted hearing devices upon request. 

Worship also includes special services during the holy seasons of the Christian year: Lent (the time before Easter), Advent (the time before Christmas). Our special worship services tend to be creative and inspiring utilizing a wide variety of music, art, drama, and prayer. 



 Easter - Flowering the Cross


 Summer Chautauqua Worship